Simple Bank: a prosumer tale?

Prosumer is a portmanteau originally formed by contracting producer with the word consumer. In a commercial environment, it describes a market segment between professional and consumer. Wikipedia Portland, the main city of Oregon, has little to do with the techie Silicon Valley or the greedy and sophisticated city which is home to Wall Street. For

Mysemenos: no agreement between Temenos and Misys

After 5 weeks of extenuating negotiations, with dramatic scenes entries and bumpy price rides on the stock market, the negotiations between Temenos and Misys seem to have come to an end, as it was announced by Press Releases in both corporate websites. What will happen with Temenos, now that a nice and bright horizon with

Dealing Disclosure on Temenos Shares by Janus Capital Group

Janus Capital Group is an asset management firm founded in Denver in 1969. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Janus has offices in 9 different countries around the world. And they serve clients globally with three separate and highly specialized asset managers. This is quote from the “Public disclosures under Rule 8 of the Code must be made