CrowdAdvisor – new approach for a new Generation of Investors

Money Talks. People Too!

Money Talks. People Too!

CrowdAdvisor is a Social network, internet based platform where the users can maintain a virtual portfolio to simulate and test Portfolio Management Strategies.  Participants can execute transactions with real prices (15 minutes delay) using a fantasy currency (Crowds).

Keep control and minimize personal risk – The user has total control of his/her personal profile data including, choice of advisors, advisees, and any possible interaction by the user with external partners (Professional Advisors, Banks, and Family Offices).

Social Risk Profiling – The user is not boxed in a predefined profile. The user has the ability to locate investors with similar demographic traits and request them as advisors. CrowdAdvisor has the ability to locate investment peers. User profiling information is treated as confidential.

Real size Investment ExperienceCrowdAdvisor provides a graduated learning structure for investment portfolio management. The user has the ability to move from a level of basic knowledge to that of a confident investor who understands a broad suite of investment products and their functionality including the factors that can influence the markets.  The user has access to data on thousands of instruments from stock markets across the world.

Quality Assurance Process for Investment Recommendations – The internet has become the primary source to acquire information about potential investments.  However the information available is often incomplete, disconnected and unreliable.  Risks of ‘pump and dump’ schemes are high even for experienced investors.  Users at CrowdAdvisor don’t “get recommendations”; there are no “investment tips”, or insider knowledge to be spread.  Instead, users can observe and follow the actual trades and daily achieved performance from peer users.  They can easily compare other asset allocations with their own.  Users can compare and test investment strategies with no real money or risk.

Daily Worldwide Ranking – The user can track the consistency of the performance of himself and other peer investors.  Under the guarantee of privacy and sharing constraints users can follow the investing market, currency basket and asset allocations from all the users of the CrowdAdvisor community.

Social Analysis of an Instrument – In order to take an investment decision, CrowdAdvisor users enjoy the social analysis of an instrument: How many of my Advisors are invested in it?  What percentage of it is in the other portfolio?  Since when?   How much is their unrealized gain/loss?  What are their risk profiles?

Show me your performance Mr. Advisor or Social BenchmarkCrowdAdvisor users, enjoying a “Premium Account” can invite any external professional advisor to demonstrate his capabilities in Portfolio Management before engaging any real money.  The premium users are able to sponsor an ‘invisible’ account for the external professional advisor, where he/she can set-up a model portfolio and use it for discussion purposes outside the platform.



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