Temenos’ 2012 Outlook, “Conditions still uncertain, but with a few brighter spots”

Temenos presented itself cautious for the fiscal year 2012. Sales are expected to be in the range of 450-500 million USD for the full year, according to a telephone conference on the outlook for the year 2012.

Last year, the company achieved a turnover of 474 million USD, this would be the forecast for 2012 with a change in the range from -5 and +6%.

The market situation is still difficult, especially in Europe, was added. The three-year tender from the ECB should support though, but the level of uncertainties remains high. Temenos expects better development the emerging markets.

Further, the Company believes that the existing business is proving to be resilient. The pricing environment remains somehow strong; however, are not “mega deals” to be expected. Conditions still uncertain, but with a few brighter spots.

Temenos also sees itself “well positioned” to benefit from any recovery of the markets. To grow further, complementary acquisitions would also be considered.

The focus will also be on the development of the margins and cash generation. In 2012 according to the declarations it can be achieved higher margins than 2011. Based on special items, Temenos is adjusting the EBIT margin in the range of 19 to 22% in outlook. 2011, this was 18%


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