Count down for Mysemenos: Temenos vs. 3 other bidders

Couple of hours before the all shares merger deal with Misys expires, Temenos is in minus 3.8% at SFR 16.40.

Market analysts are expecting that Misys and Temenos will request further Thinking time to the Takeover Panel. So far there are several contenders asking the favors of the, in the last weeks, become irresistible Misys, which today makes further gains in the London stock Market.

According to the Takeover Panel, details of any deadline set under Rule 2.6 by which a potential offeror must announce either a firm intention to make a bid or that it does not intend to make an offer (or, in the case of Rule 2.6(a), by which the Panel must consent to an extension of the deadline) has been extracted from the relevant announcement made by the offeree company.

Waiting for the "I DO"

OFFEREE: Misys Plc
Offer period commenced: 18:34 07-Feb-2012
1 1/7p ordinary ISIN: GB00B45TWN62 NSI: 334,101,057
2.5% convertible bonds ISIN: XS0560650912 GBP: 100,000,000
OFFEROR: Temenos Group AG
Offeror identified: 18:34 07-Feb-2012
Rule 2.6 deadline: 17:00 06-Mar-2012
CHF 5 common ISIN: CH0012453913 NSI: 68,877,235
OFFEROR: Vista Equity Partners
Offeror identified: 12:43 20-Feb-2012
Rule 2.6 deadline: 17:00 19-Mar-2012
Disclosure of dealings and positions in this offeror is not required
OFFEROR: CVC Capital Partners Limited and ValueAct Capital Master Fund L.P.
Offeror identified: 07:01 05-Mar-2012
Rule 2.6 deadline: 17:00 02-Apr-2012
Disclosure of dealings and positions in this offeror is not required

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