Temenos – Odyssey : 1 year journey

A year ago, as Temenos put an end to the struggles of Odyssey Financial Technologies for around 70 Mio SFR, the  Investor Community hailed the acquisition and the price of the share raised almost 30% in just few weeks.

Odyssey’s start-up minded employees joined the disciplined ranges of Temenos and soon many of them left to Banks, to other Software houses and Service Companies. Probably this was considered as a positive signal by the market, even more when marketing announcements were made about unique synergies and future developments.

However, the well crafted and visionary speeches from the Temenos Management didn’t manage to stop the vertiginous dive the share price has taken in the last six months: the second steepest dive since the historical lowest price in October 2003, when one TEMN costed 1.05.

While the analysts and apparently also the Banks are engaged in a decisive support action of the share price, with 84 Issued Calls (most of them out of money), the market keep testing the price.

In the meanwhile, in the real world of signings there are neither many news of started implementations.

We’ll see!!

Touching bottom?


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