Bank 2.0 – the big disapointing

Consumers as underdogs

I’ve just finish reading the book BANK 2.0 by Brett King and I have to say that the expectations created by many blogs and internet reviews were not really met after going thru the 397 pages.

But, by all means don’t misunderstand my previous statement, Mr. King’s book is a well researched and impeccable written one.  My biggest worry here is that this book is addressed to the Executives and decision makers of the Banking Industry.

Allow me to take some examples: the book narrates how actually there is a Paradigm Shift and people hang more and more on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. and there is not need to pay a visit to a bored Banking Branch Manager.

The book also  explains how some banks make more business thru providing Mortgage Calculators to web visitors. Then it goes thru the typical examples of Zopa (peer-to-peer lending) and other sites alike which use Social Networks to propose para- banking services.

Is all this new to the Banking Industry?  If this is the case, I think no wonder we have one Banking Crisis after another.

I’d like to see and read about new Interactions between the Banking Industry and it’s consumers… so far the most interesting phenomenon in the Finance Industry ironically is PayPal.


One thought on “Bank 2.0 – the big disapointing

  1. Hi Jorge,

    Maybe you should read the book “Tradestreaming your way to profits” ( that book discusses many new types of interaction going on in the online investment space. Not exactly banking but it could give some idea of what is going on. And of course there is something like Banksimple ( to look for a worthwhile initiative in the financing space.

    Best regards

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